Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Product Review: Colourpop Lippie Stix Matte X "Goal Digger"

The Colourpop Matte X shade that I have to say is my ultimate favorite of all time is...ta-dah!


I don't have anything like it. It's like a rose pink with red and hints of peach in it. Amazing color payoff, really opaque. Though it is not as bright and bold as Love Life, it is a head-turner. The exact opposite of Cami. While Cami looks like a color I'd be wearing on a rainy day, Goal Digger is all sunshine. When I am feeling out of sorts and need a little perk me up, this is my go-to lipstick. It is an instant mood booster [that's what it does for me] that's why I always have it in my bag.

It is the sort of color that brightens up the face. I don't even have to apply a lot of makeup just to look extra special. I just do my brows, do a little concealing and then apply a few swipes of this and I'd look all made up. When I wear this, there will always be some lady who'd come up to me just to ask what lipstick I am wearing. That's how good it looks. On me that is. Haha.

Like all Colourpop's Matte X formula, Goal Digger is a dream to apply and doesn't tug on the lips. it is so smooth it makes me want to just keep on applying non-stop but of course, I don't do that because one or two swipes is more than enough.

Here are some swatches of Goal Digger:

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