Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Colourpop Stash – Lumiere, Lovelife, Kiddo, Grunge and Lyin King

I have four Colourpop Lippie Stix (in the shade Lumiere, Lovelife, Kiddo and Grunge) and one Colourpop Ultra Satin (in the shade Lyin King). I think it would be incorrect to call this a Colourpop haul as I did not buy these lipsticks all at once. It's a small Colourpop stash that I keep to a bare minimum.

Also, this is not a review and will be quite short. I just want to show you what these Colourpop lipsticks look like on Filipina skin. I have fair to medium skin that don't match in some areas like my face and neck.

For reference, I am a MAC NC25-30. I use Ellana Cosmetics Intensive Blend Loose Mineral Foundation in the shade Almond Latte, Revlon Colorstay Foundation in the shade 250 Fresh Beige and Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation in the shade 50 Natural Beige.

Obviously, I love these lipstick products or I would not be wasting time featuring them on my blog. That said, check out these fun lippie shades!

 Colourpop Lippie Stix in the shade Lumiere (Matte)

Colourpop Lippie Stix in the shade 'Lovelife' (Matte X). This one is my favorite. The formula is really good and glides like butter.

 Colourpop Lippie Stix in the shade " Kiddo" (Sheer). This is my second favorite. My everyday shade.

Colourpop Lippie Stix in the shade 'Grunge' (Matte)

Colourpop Ultra Satin in the shade Lyin' King

What about you? What Colourpop products have you tried?

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