Friday, July 29, 2016

Review: Pink Sugar Cheek and Lip Tint in Vampy Vixen

The product I'm featuring today is a cheek and lip tint by Pink Sugar. The shade I picked is Vampy Vixen. It's a dark velvety red that I really, really love. I have a three strike policy when it comes to makeup though and this already got two down.

Strike ONE: Application is not as smooth as I want it to be (argghhh but really it's fine, I can make this work no biggie).

Strike TWO: It also feels really dry on the lips (I'm willing to overlook this one as well).

If truth be told, if I can find another lipstick of the same color and velvety texture, I'll let this one go or give it away maybe but I don't have anything like this so I'm gonna have fun with this as I love, love, love it.

Updated (Sept 29, 2016): I found an exact dupe! Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Cinnamon Spice.

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